Tallahassee, Florida

May 19-21, 2019

The 2019 Transformative Consumer Research Conference will be hosted by the 
College of Business at Florida State University .



Martin Mende

Associate Professor





Maura L. Scott

Associate Professor



Welcome to TCR 2019!


Transformative Consumer Research (TCR) is a movement within the Association for Consumer Research (ACR) that seeks to encourage, support, and publicize research that benefits consumer welfare and quality of life for all beings affected by consumption across the world.

The TCR movement was formally started in 2005 by David Mick (University of Virginia) after decades of this kind of work by many top consumer researchers. Since 2005, the TCR movement has gained significant traction and has held five successful biennial conferences. The TCR conference 2019 will be held at FSU and includes tracks guided by three visions:

Track 1: Building Capacity (open call for applications)

Track 2: Leveraging Theory-Guided Research

Track 3: Implementing Solutions

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