Track 1: Building Capacity

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Tracks under this theme follow the tradition of a dialogical approach. That is, rather than the traditional conference in which the expertise of a few people is explored, these dialogical tracks seek to explore the distributed intelligence and experience across a group of people who share an interest in the focal TCR-related issue. Additional information on TCR and dialogical conferences can be found on the ACR website:

A Track 1 is a space of innovation and an experiment in building a social network of researchers with greater capacity to tackle pressing social problems around consumption. We believe there is not one magic formula for research that has societal impact; therefore, these tracks are spaces of opportunity to experiment (e.g., by inviting non-academic guests; working across the intersection of social problems; bringing in academics from across disciplinary divides to introduce new tools, theories, and perspectives; including a stakeholder in the process of doing research). There are numerous pathways for real societal benefit and we encourage tracks to explore many ideas and then share the successful ones.


If you are interested in joining one of the tracks as a participant, please review the following application details.

1) For these tracks, there is an open and competitive call for participant applications -- please click on "Apply Now" and/or see the “Application” tab

2) Past experience suggests the ideal track size is 7-10 participants.

3) Due date for participant applications: October 15, 2018

4) Notification of conference acceptance to participants: December 1, 2018

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