Teens as Changemakers: Empowering Social Entrepreneurs

This track of the 2019 TCR Conference will examine how, when, and why teens are motivated to lead social change efforts on a wide array of important issues of global concern. We adopt a relational engagement approach (Ozanne et al., 2016) to work directly with teens serving as changemakers and social entrepreneurs. Collectively we will examine the path to engaged activism with an eye toward formulating a framework that not only helps us understand the motivations and enabling factors that fuel the success of these emergent social entrepreneurs but may also help activate and engage more teens in social change efforts.

Track Leaders

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Melissa G. Bublitz (bublitzm@uwosh.edu) is an Associate Professor of Marketing and Affiliated Faculty of the Sustainability Institute for Regional Transformation at University of Wisconsin Oshkosh. Her research leverages marketing science to empower consumers and organizations to make choices that advance the wellbeing of individuals and communities in the areas of food, finances, sustainability, and health. Melissa’s research has been published in the Journal of Consumer Research, Journal of Consumer Psychology, Journal of Public Policy & Marketing, and the Journal of Business Research.
Joachim Scholz
Lan Nguyen Chaplin (nguyenl@uic.edu) is an Associate Professor of Marketing at the University of Illinois-Chicago. She conducts research in the areas of children’s consumer behavior and branding. She publishes in journals including, Child Development, Journal of Consumer Research, Psychological Science, Journal of Consumer Psychology, and The Journal of Public Policy & Marketing. Her research has been covered by media outlets such as TIME, Forbes, The New York Times, Fortune, Scientific American, Smithsonian Magazine, New York Magazine, Popular Science, Psychology Today, and Glamour.
Joachim Scholz
Laura Peracchio (lperacch@uwm.edu) is the Judith and Gale Klappa Professor of Marketing at University of Wisconsin - Milwaukee. Laura’s research focuses on food and nutrition, visual persuasion, narrative processing, and language and culture. Laura has served as Editor of Journal of Consumer Research, Associate Editor of Journal of Consumer Psychology and the Journal of Consumer Research, and President of the Society for Consumer Psychology.
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