Exploring E-TCR

This track seeks to understand the application and efficacy of digital technologies in a Transformative Consumer Research context. Specifically, we seek to investigate the role that online technologies and new media are currently used to promote consumer wellbeing as well as the issues and ethicality of carrying out Transformative Consumer Research online. The track chairs ideally seek to attract participants with a background in both digital research methodologies and TCR from both a marketing and non-marketing background. Participants should identify any specific areas of expertise (e.g. health, environmentalism, equity issues etc) when contacting the track chairs.

Track Leaders

Ekant Veer.jpg
Ekant Veer (ekant.veer@canterbury.ac.nz) is an Associate Professor of Marketing at the University of Canterbury Business School, New Zealand. His primary areas of interest include the use of marketing technologies & advertising to encourage social change and the role that consumption patterns play in developing consumer identity. His work has been published in a number of international journals, including Journal of Public Policy and Marketing, European Journal of Marketing, Journal of Consumer Behaviour, and Journal of Marketing Management, Ekant has been involved in projects to improve healthy living in conjunction with the WHO and various NGOs and Government bodies.
Joachim Scholz
Joachim Scholz (jscholz@calpoly.edu) is an assistant professor of marketing at Cal Poly, SLO. His research explores digital technologies in a variety of consumer and marketing contexts: He explores how companies can build their brands through fanning the flames of social media firestorms and examines how augmented reality can lead to stronger consumer-brand relationships, more confident consumers, better food choices, and novel forms of consumer emancipation. During TCR 2017, Joachim participated in a track that explored how popular culture, often conveyed via online and digital media, provides new possibilities for social change.
Maja Gold Papez
Maja Golf Papez (maja.golf@gmail.com) is a doctoral student in Marketing at the University of Canterbury, New Zealand. Her research interests lie in exploring the consumption of technology; specifically, Maja’s thesis research seeks to understand online trolling as a form of consumer misbehaviour. Maja's work has been published in Journal of Marketing Management and Advances in Consumer Research and has been presented at several international conferences. Prior to her doctoral studies, Maja worked as the Chief Marketing Officer for a charity dedicated to alleviating child poverty in Slovenia.


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